Versatile Transform-able Solar Cottages

3 Story + 4 Story Solar Cottages


Utilizing  Rapid Building Kits of  Linn Solar Panels  & Solar Roof

Super Efficient Linn Solar Homes

Utilizing  Novel  Building  Tech


1.  Innovated  semi see through Solar Linn Panels and Solar Roof Tech

2.  Pre-engineered  pre-assembled Solar Roof building kits.

3.  Pre-engineered hybrid penalized  kits for rapid building homes.

4.  On site integration, No on site  cutting construction, No dumping material pollution

5   3 face window walls for each room.  Super bright & perfect ventilation

6.  Capable to detach to store in cargo containers for transport

7.  Capable Mass production, best utilizing factory resource, No more messy onsite construction.

Obtain highest credit scores on

   LEED 4 categories:

     A.  Innovation,

     B. Energy,

     C. Indoor Quality,

     D. Material & Resource

Convertible Versatile Applications

3 Bedrooms Single Family or, 3 Rental  Studios  or Vacation Home.


Every room got private bath, and panoramic 3 face windows.

Every studio got private kitchen . Can be re-furnished to single family kitchen.

All walk way to rooms are by balcony, best sight seeing

3 Studios setup will be best for anti CoVid pandemic living.

Every room got glass door & balcony to extend area, enjoy out door sight seeing.

All stairs are outdoor for best sightseeing, shorten wall length / Building material.

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