Evolution of  Architectural Design

Architectural Design  1st Generation

2nd Generation

CAD 2D  Drawing  &  Blue print

3rd Generation

CAD 2D to 3D Color Drawing + / Blue print / pdf

4th Generation

CAD 3D Modeling + Shadow + Blending Background Picture Render Static Images / Blue print / pdf / jpg

 Hand Drawn

5th Generation

 Architectural  Visualization

3D Modelling + Ray Tracing Render + Cut-away Render, Spherical Spinning

+ 3D VR + Walk through Video. Can Output  pdf / jpg / Mp4 / Mov / Wmv

All Design Elements Start from 3 Dimensioning Specs

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Floor Plan + All Material Schedules

Floor Furniture Setup 3d Render

Hybrid View 3D Render

Novel Cutaway 3D Render

Ray Tracing 3d Render

Spherical Spinning Video

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